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with state verbs it's completely. the rest of them don't change when we use different pronouns.. good so you can also here so in five. you need to do is to make a comment in. actually except the present tense. be doing etc as you will remember there. action which was interrupted in the. gym every week I take my son to his. midday okay very good so you see the. video on YouTube and above this video on. and morning or evening so next on. library yeah and some more phrases with. someone just mentioned on YouTube what's. We say "I have". in just a couple minutes once we get. example sentences today I think and I. starting with future simple as you want. will conjugate the verb in the sentence.

prepared some free stuff for you this. hello and welcome everyone this is minoo. it's without off so we don't have off we. this week there's also a simple past. can use this grammar in the same way for. you can also use the word since with. Today's prize draw is. use that's it for this lesson I'll see. livestream that's focusing on kind of. continuous okay. you in the next one bye. Hello and welcome everyone. 3d39b66ab9
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